Licensed Rehab and Physical Therapy
NYS Licensed Massage by the NYS Medical Massage Society Practitioner

I have always had a strong athletic background, which eventually led me to training with weights. In 1973 as a high school freshman, I ran in the Penn Relays in the 100-yard dash and was also a linebacker and tight end on the New York State Champion Football team. After high school I attended Pace and Columbia undergraduate school and received my degree in Computer Information/Marketing.

I immediately saw the need for clinical fitness training after working day-in and day-out, sitting behind a computer. Even though the term “ upper crossed syndrome “ was not invented yet, I was suffering from it!

At that time Universal Weights Gym was the rage ( yes, I am that old). I later trained as a training partner with some of the talented body building pros, Vick Martinez, Chris Dickerson, Caprice Murray and Kay Green, and achieved a championship worthy physique.
However, the pro-career was not for me since I wanted to teach. However, having piecemeal knowledge of about training and some dieting was not enough. Therefore, I went back to school and December of 1999, I received a New York State Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) license.

In June of 2000, I worked full time as a clinical therapist at Sutton Physical Therapy in New York City. I then enrolled in the City University Massage Therapy program and became a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for licensed Rehab and Physical Therapy

I have 16 years of outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation therapy experience. It was there where I learned and understood that medical education is an ongoing process and I have not stopped learning since.

My desire is to provide a holistic, one stop fitness solution and a total body reset for today’s busy New Yorkers.  Being a cancer survivor, physical therapy professional and a massage therapist, I am convinced that I can blend my talents and put you on the right path to health and fitness!

No gimmicks, no false promises, just science and results!

Dave hall working