August 25, 2016
muscular man work out

Old school workouts

Stuck on a plateau? It could be because your warm up is a disaster! It is time to ditch your lame “10 minutes treadmill and some pseudo stretches” 
July 11, 2016
strength workouts

Adversity- friend or foe?

I am going to sound like my dad but sometimes I really believe that ( some ) things were better in the past. For example the idea of
July 11, 2016
holistic fitness gym

No gym?- No problem

Here are some exercises that can be done without equipment, are approved by me and can be done anywhere!!
July 11, 2016
holistic fitness office inside

What coaching really means?

More than anything else, coaching is your difference maker. It’s not equipment – anyone can go and stock a facility with equipment. And in spite of what […]