“About 6 years ago I decided to pursue as career as a model. Training  became my everyday mission to be the best that I could be.
I was lucky enough to have found Dave at just the perfect timing in my life. Getting my body right took a lot of patience and learning , but Dave taught me some of the best fundamental principles in weight training that I still use today. Dave is just one of those passion people that really understands the body. I still today train with Dave when I’m back in NYC. Thanks to Dave my career as a model became a reality.”
– Walter Savage

“David Hall has been training me for 11 years.  Through him, I have learned that exercise + good diet = fountain of youth.

 There are no short cuts.  Plastic surgery cannot save you.  David has worked with me through knee surgery and muscular-skeletal issues.  I have them, but because I continue to work out with weights,  have body alignment sessions and stay lean,  they don’t have me.  I refuse to have a decrepit, doddering old age.  David has shown me that there’s nothing wrong with being a fit old lady. Or should I say, “mature female athlete”?  Either way, Dave is keeping this old broad in fighting form.”

-Karen J.

“With a family history of Diabetes and my blood sugar level approaching the danger zone of the big “D” I needed to get fit and fast.

I had a good diet so I knew what I had to do – workout.  That’s when I went to David, who had the knowledge, skill, a great bag of tricks and the encouragement to push me into the fit zone.  On my first day with David I wasn’t able to do one freaking ab pull-up.  In a few weeks, David had me doing 10 reps and I felt Serena Williams strong.  David increased my strength, improved my posture, my flexibility, and my confidence to do more at the gym.  David reminded me that we’re all a work in progress and working out is key in life’s journey.”

– Patricia

“I began working with David Hall 15 years ago (at age 60).
 His multi-faceted skillshave kept me fit. He’s also helped me to cope with herniated discs and to recover from a serious leg injury. I rely on Dave’s professional guidance to maintain my health and have recommended him to friends from 16 to 70.”
– D. H.

“Dave is a terrific motivator I would not be able to work out on my own.

At the level I do with him Dave knows how to target all muscle groups Dave works around any injury you might have and will concentrate on different parts of your body during the workout.”

– Karen B